Shipping Container Size

Beyond the present sizing of our base models, our shipping container options are available in lengths of 20′, 40′, 45′ long. We also have two heights available: 8 ½ feet high (standard) or 9 ½ feet high (High Cube). All shipping containers are 8 feet wide, however we can increase this width to 16’, 24’, 32’, or more by merging multiple shipping containers together.

No matter the size needed for the job, we can accommodate. Need a 31-foot shipping container to fit behind your shop for overflow inventory? Yes, we can do that.

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Shipping Container Condition

New vs. Recycled

Container Stop deals in both new and recycled shipping containers to fit our customer’s needs. Our new shipping containers are in pristine condition, with little to no dents or dings, quality flooring, easy-to-use doors, and the paint is new. These are ideal for offices or even additional living space.

In some cases, these shipping containers (also known as one-trippers) have yet to be used and have made just one trip to the U.S. There are very few, if any, dents or dings, the floors are in great shape, and the paint is new. The new containers are standard with select base models, like the Home Office model.

We also offer recycled shipping containers. These are more cost-effective due to their cosmetic flaws, however they’ll survive the same storm as the newer units. If you need to save a little bit of money and don’t care what the container looks like, we have it. The recycled shipping containers come standard with other select models like the Utility Storage model.

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Custom Shipping Containers

The great thing about shipping containers is that the sky is the limit when it comes to customizations. We’ve accomplished projects that range from 45’ containers used for storage and ADUs to tiny 5’ containers used as laundry facilities.

So whether you are looking to convert a container to an equestrian tack-room or a fully-equipped backyard bar, we have the options, the expertise and the team to help you design the perfect solution for your needs.

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Interested in Add-Ons or Customizations to a Container?

For some people, the base model is the right solution. However, most people choose to have some modifications or additional features or options added to our base models.


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Shipping Container Hauling Services

Container Stop will deliver any size shipping container from Mt. Shasta to the Salton Sea. This means you won’t need to find someone to buy a container and then find another person to deliver it – we’ll do it all. It’s our job to provide customers with containers – whatever it takes to get the job done.

We’ll deliver a 10, 20 even 45-foot shipping container almost anywhere. However, we don’t like surprises any more than you do, so there are some considerations to take into account before delivery can take place.

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Shipping Container Relocation Services

Container Stop offers shipping container relocation services. When the time comes that you need your storage container, sea train, connex box, shipping container to be relocated to another location please give us a call.

We have relocated a shipping container as little as 1′ to make room for a new cement pad or shade structure. We have relocated shipping containers 3000 miles away full of household belongings because our customer has retired and moved out of state. relocating a container is a phone call away and can be a very easy process with some proper planning.

We have the ability to move empty and loaded containers for our customers. relocating loaded containers do have a weight limit and the content of the loaded container will need to meet the weight requirements.

When the time comes that you need your shipping container to be relocated please ask yourself the three basic questions:

  • What size of container do you need moved 9 example 10′, 20′ ,40′)
  • Is the container empty or loaded? If the loaded, what is in it and how much weight is in the container
  • Is there anything blocking the container that would prevent the relocation truck to access the container and get it loaded safely clear of obstructions ( trees, vehicles, fences, etc.)

All of this info is very important because it will determine which truck we dispatch to complete the job. There is a big difference in equipment used when moving a 10′ container compared 40′ container. We need to ensure that we have the answers to the three questions beforehand so we can send the right truck for the job. A little preparation goes a long way, nothing worse than sending the wrong truck to move a container and we can’t complete the job because of misinformation.

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