Short-Term Usage.Long-Term Results.

Our onsite office can put you and your team on site to get more done. To be in the midst of the project site will save time and energy while the office fulfills your needs for the day-to-day. When the project is accomplished, you’ll be able to quickly and easily return your onsite office or move it to your next project.

Productivity onsite for you and your team

Be onsite and have everything you need to get the job done. Short-term offices that are simple to order, customize, and receive.


or $550/mo.
  • 20' One-Trip (OT) Container
  • 1- Man Door
  • 1 - 3x3 window with security bars
  • 12v. BTU AC unit
  • Electrical Package
  • Security Bars

Need Something Custom? Let's Talk.

We can execute just about anything that your needs may call for. Let us know what you have in mind so we can consult with you and help you arrive at the best custom solution.
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