Outside of the Box

Providing solutions for both personal and commercial needs has been the core of Container Stop. We not only focus on the common problems that are faced, but dive deeper with custom solutions that go beyond just the box. By granting everything you need from that extra outdoor storage space to the productive additional office for some peace and quiet, our containers can be tailored to fit any space and need.

Our mission isn’t to just solve your problem, but provide a lasting solution that is built properly for your specific needs. Going beyond just the box allows the structurally sound space to become your (fill in the blank).

It Started With Shipping Containers

Our founder, Garett Crocker, started Container Stop in April of 2015 after seeing a demand for safe, secure, and mobile storage. Shipping containers seemed a logical solution even though there weren’t any local options for this market. After  researching and running trials, Crocker was ready for his first attempt.

Crocker called a supplier, sourced the container, and provided it to his customer. After repeating this process, Container Stop was born. In the beginning, Garett would leave at 3 AM making the 230-mile trip to Long Beach and delivering the same day to his customers. This happened multiple times per week until he hired his first employee, Stephen, who is now the current Yard Manager. It was this kind of dedication that helped Container Stop grow into the business it is today. The business is focused on solving specific needs for both personal and business use through tailored shipping containers.

Continued growth sets Container Stop apart.

Currently headquartered in beautiful Paso Robles, CA, we continue to expand with satellite yards throughout the state. By providing safe, secure, and mobile storage solutions to customers in California as well as Nevada, Arizona, and beyond, we are positioned as the hub for all of your shipping container needs.

Simply put: giving the customer what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. Whether it’s in the middle of a field or behind a small building in town, we’ll bring your custom container to you.

Interested in Add-Ons or Customizations to a Container?

For some people, the base model is the right solution. However, most people choose to have some modifications or additional features or options added to our base models.


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